How Instagram Changed the World

Grabbing 500 million people worldwide is not an easy task. It requires hardwork and awesomeness. The story of Instagram is a display of both hardwork and awesomeness. In the era of Twitter and Facebook, Instagram maintains its own position because of its uniqueness and simplicity. This simple yet intriguing app has engaged the teenagers to it like a magnet and when this happens some changes are obvious to take place. Today we are going to discuss about those changes that Instagram brought with itself, the ways in which Instagram impacted the society more than anything else ever could.

  1. Fashion: – Instagram has become a way of sharing your unique style and fashion with the society.
  2. Bragging: – Want to brag about your new iPhone? You will not find any place better than Instagram.
  3. Travel: – Love to travel the world? Share your experience with whole world. Post your photos and experience on Instagram and share the fun.
  4. Business: – Want to promote your business and reach the masses? Instagram will help you do that easily.
  5. Talent Sharing: – Do you have a talent which world needs to know about? Share that talent with Instagram and watch your fan following increase.

Now we know what Instagram is capable of and what benefits you can enjoy with it. Let’s look at some of the factors which are not so good.

  1. Body Shaming: – We have seen increase in the cases of online body shaming. Instagram has contributed in these cases too.
  2. Depression: – Reason might be as small as not getting likes on the newly added pic or not getting good number of followers. This has lead to low self esteem among teenagers.
  3. Feeling of Envy: – The grass on the other side always looks greener. When we see a pic of a man posing with his new Lamborghini we feel jealous which leads us to depression.

So, choose Instagram wisely by staying away from its bad sides and enjoying and exploring its good sides.

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